Thank you Greater Brisbane

Everyone in Greater Brisbane has done a great job during the latest restrictions, thank you.

As of 1am on Friday 22 January, masks will no longer need to be worn in public places (except for in airports and while travelling on planes).

It is still suggested that you carry a mask with you for certain times when you cannot social distance.

Indoor venues such as restaurants and cinemas will be able to ease distancing limits to one person per 2 square metres, and up to 50 people will be allowed to gather in homes, while 100 people will be allowed in public spaces.

To see the latest roadmap from the Qld Government click here.

Remember to always –

  • Practise good hygiene
  • Socially distance
  • Exercise common sense
  • Stay at home when unwell


If you have any symptoms please get a COVID test. You can find your closest testing centre here https://bit.ly/39jQXnh