• Date

    25 September - 29 September

  • Time

    10am, 11am & 12pm daily

  • Where

    Near Aldi


Carnivorous Planting Workshops

DID YOU KNOW? Carnivorous plants are the only plant on earth that are not the food of animals, but instead animals are their food (EEK!) Are you brave enough to take one home?

Come along to our Carnivorous Planting Workshops during the school holidays! You’ll make and decorate your own prickly pot then move onto planting a very scary, very hungry carnivorous plant! There are two different plants to choose from –  the Venus Fly Trap and the Sundew – and you’re most welcome to come along and do both!

Workshops commence Monday 24th September through to Saturday 29th September. There are 3 workshops available each day and start at 10am, 11am and 12pm, and of course, it’s absolutely FREE!

To avoid disappointment, bookings are highly recommended